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Pneumatic cylinder thrust measurement


Pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic actuators are widely used in factory automation systems. This includes manufacturing, materials handling, process control, packaging where they are used to position or move parts or tools, and perform ‘pick and place’ tasks. Other operations include clamping, where a work piece is held in position by jaws operated by the cylinder, and punching, where the thrust from the single acting pneumatic cylinder can be used to mark an object. In the Food & Beverage industry, pneumatic stretch actuators and capping cylinders are used in PET preform in hot and cold fill processes. Some applications require more precise control than others. Forsentek FF series force transducers can be mounted on the bottom of cylinders and actuators which allows the sensor to measure the push load and provide force feedback to activate relays or controllers to control the thrust. Both the sensor dimensions and measuring ranges can be customized as per request to to match the needs of different applications.