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High capacity flange mount column load cell

Model:                 FCRF

Capacity:              300~5000kN

Material:               Alloy steel

Type:                   Flange load cell

Rated output:        2.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:   0.1% F.S.

Excitation:              3~15V

Other:                   Column type


High capacity load cell FCRF adopts a column design that has a flange-to-flange mount for easy installation,made of alloy steel based on strain gauge technology. High range force transducer FCRF offers 300kN / 500kN / 600kN / 1000kN / 1500kN / 2000kN / 2500kN / 3000kN / 4000kN / 5000kN ten rated capacities intended for both tension and compression force measurement. You may find high range flange mounted load cell FCRF applicable for bridge load monitoring, injection molding machines, structure testing, pile load test, rolling mills and so on.

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