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Shaft to shaft non-contact rotary torque sensor

Model:                        FYTE

Capacity:                    5NM~100NM

Material:                     Stainless steel

Load direction:           Clockwise&CCW

Rated output:              ±5V/4-20mA

Non-repeatability:      0.2% of R.O.

Excitation:                  24V/12V DC

Other:                         Custom-design service


Non contact shaft-to-shaft rotary torque sensor FYTE is made based on contactless transformer technology which supports up to 8000RPM and is more durable compared to slip-ring type torque transducers.Torque meter FYTE offers 5NM / 10NM / 20NM / 30NM / 50NM / 100NM six measuring ranges with maximum 0.2% non-linearity of the full scale. ±5V / ±10V / 4-20mA direct output from the transducer for easy data processing thanks to the built-in circuit, keyed shafts located on both ends can be easily connected to shafts of which torque to be measured through couplings.You may find model FYTE suitable for motor test benches, agitator torque control, screw locking torque monitoring, torque measurement of engines, pumps, gearboxes and rotating shafts,etc..

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