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Torque thrust biaxial sensor|Force torque sensor

 Model:              FFT

Capacity:              20NM/3KN

Material:               Aluminum

Measurement:      Torque&force

Rated output:        1.5mV/V

Non-repeatability:   0.2% F.S.

Excitation:              3~15V

Other:                   Customizable


Thrust and torque sensor FFT is designed to measure reaction torque moments as well as tension/compression loads at the same time.Torque and thrust sensor FFT is metal foil strain gauge based and has two separate outputs for applied torque(Mz=20NM) as well as thrust force(Fz=3kN).Center through hole design with flange-to-flange structure makes mounting easy,the particular sensor can be modified or customized upon clients’ requirements to meet different applications.Thrust-Torque biaxial sensor FFT offers an excellent solution for measuring torque in clockwise and counterclockwise as well as force in tension and compression direction.You may find 2-axis force sensor suitable for applications such as grinding and polishing, robotic assembly, product testing,etc..Model FFT can be modified or customized as per client’s request.

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