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Compact RS485 digital load cell for smart shelf

Model:                        FDNE

Capacity:                    2kg/5kg/10kg

Output:                       RS485

Type:                          Digital load cell

Protocol:                     Modbus RTU

Non-repeatability:      0.01% of R.O.

Excitation:                  5~12V DC

Usage:                        Smart shelf weighing


Compact RS485 load cell FDNE utilizes a built-in microprocessor to convert mV/V signal into digital output, which makes digital load cell FDNE more stable and accurate compared to analog load cells. Weight sensor FDNE supports RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with 0-2kg / 0-5kg / 0-10kg three rated measuring ranges to choose from, corner trimmed for off-center load measurement with platform sizes up to 200x200mm. Typical applications of digital load transducer FDNE are for example vending machines, unmanned stores, smart shelves and so on.

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