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0-200kg RS485 load cell with digital output

Model:                        FDNR

Capacity:                    0-200kg

Material:                     Aluminum alloy

Type:                          Digital load cell

Output:                       RS485

Non-repeatability:      0.01% of R.O.

Excitation:                  5~12V DC

Usage:                        Garbage weighing scales


RS485 load cell with digital output (Model FDNR) utilizes a microprocessor inside of the transducer to convert the analog signal from the wheatstone bridge to digital signal, which makes digital loadcell less susceptible to interference and more stable & accurate compared to analog load cells. Load cell transducer FDNR supports RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with 0-20kg / 0-40kg / 0-50kg / 0-60kg / 0-100kg / 0-200kg six rated measuring ranges to choose from, corner trimmed for platform sizes up to 400x400mm, suitable for off-center load measurement. Digital weight sensor FDNR is constructed from aluminium and environmentally sealed with potting compound to ensure durability. Typical applications of model FDNR are for example platform scales, food packaging machines, Intelligent warehouse weighing system, automated weighing stations, waste management scales and so on.

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