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Micro weight sensor 0-1000g Miniature load cell

Model:                        FMHD

Capacity:                    300/500/1000g

Structure:                    Beam type

Type:                          Micro load sensor

Rated output:              1.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.05% of R.O.

Excitation:                  3~10V

Usage:                       Measure weight


Micro weight sensor FMHD is a lightweight full bridge load cell with 300g / 500g / 750g / 1000g four rated capacities, high accuracy with maximum 0.05% non-linearity of the full scale. Miniature load cell FMHD uses 1000ohms high resistance strain gauges to reduce power consumption and heat emission. Mini load sensor FMHD offers a perfect combination of compact size, high precision and low cost, which makes weighing transducer FMHD Ideal for mass production applications such as force simulators, home appliances, portable force measuring devices, game consoles and so on. Low profile loadcell FMHD can also be modified or customized upon request.

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