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Radial force measuring axle Tension Sensor

Model:                        FHBE

Capacity:                    0-20kN

Type:                          Tension Transducer

Load direction:           Compression/Tension

Rated output:              2.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.05% of R.O.

Excitation:                  3~15V

Usage:                        Rope tension measurement


Radial force measuring axle FHBE is strain gauge based with flat mounting degisn. Wire tension sensor FHBE is suitable for single-roller tension measurement system, it offers 0-200N / 0-500N / 0-1kN / 0-2kN / 0-3kN / 0-5kN / 0-10kN / 0-15kN / 0-20kN nine rated load ranges to choose from. Wire rope tension transducer FHBE is supplied with a 20mm-diameter bearing journal which can be used with customer-supplied rollers or guide pulleys to adapt to different objects to be tested. Model FHBE can also be modified or customized.

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