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10-input stainless steel load cell summing box


10-input load cell summing box BJ10 utilizes stainless steel enclosure and is sealed to IP65. Large-scale and complex weighing systems often require multiple load cells to get a summed readout, these multiple load cells are normally arranged symmetrically around the corners of the weighing platform, this distributes the weight over a wide physical area. In such case, a junction box or summing box can be used to combine the measurement signals from these distributed load cells and output an average millivolt signal to a display unit or a signal converter. Each channel of the junction box is equipped with a potentiometer for corner correction to equalize the inputs from these multiple load cells into a single output. You may find 10-channel load cell junction box BJ10 applicable for industrial weighing applications involving multiple load cells,such as floor scales, tank/hopper weighing system, truck scales and so on.

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