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Inexpensive load cell 0-20kg Cheap weight sensor

Model:                        FHD/FHDA

Capacity:                    1/2/3/5/10/20kg

Material:                     Aluminum alloy

Load direction:           Compression

Rated output:              1.0±0.15 mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.05% of R.O.

Excitation:                  3~12V

Other:                         Custom-design service


Low cost load cell sensor FHD/FHDA is available in 1kg / 2kg / 3kg / 5kg / 10kg / 20kg six rated capacities with 1.0 mV/V output from full wheatstone bridge bonded on aluminum structure. Miniature weight sensor FHD/FHDA delivers good accuracy with compact size, can be loaded in both compression and tension direction. You may find inexpensive load cell FHD/FHDA ideal for mass production applications such as force simulators, home appliances, Arduino based weight measuring projects, and so on.

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