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Hollow flanged torque sensor through hole

Model:                        FTM

Type:                           Hollow torque transducer

Mounting:                     Flange to flange

Torsion direction:         Clockwise&CCW

Rated output:              1.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.2% of R.O.

Excitation:                  3~15V

Torque range:            20/30/50/100Nm


Hollow flange reaction torque transducer FTM features a large thru-hole located in the center through which mating fixtures,electrical lines or rotating shafts can pass.Thru-hole torque sensor FTM measures torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction with mV/V output from the wheatstone bridge,model FTM can be modified or customized to meet requirements of different applications.

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