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Micro load cell 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg weight sensor

Model:                  FMZS

Capacity:              1/2/3/5/10kg

Material:               Aluminum alloy

Load direction:      Tension/compression

Rated output:        1.2mV/V

Non-repeatability:   0.05% F.S.

Excitation:              3~10V

Other:                   Customizable



Micro load cell FMZS is a full bridge load cell with rated capacities of 1kg/2kg/3kg/5kg/10kg. Model FMZS is intended for limited space weight measurement applications without compromising the measuring accuracy.Miniature load cell FMZS weighs only about 3 grams which makes it extremely suitable for light-weight weighing instruments,it is also very cost-effective,if you have a weighing mission with tight budget,you may find FMZS applicable.

Besides the standard specifications,Forsentek is also capable and willing to provide customized weighing solutions according to customers’ specific requirements.

micro load cell

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