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Dual range torque sensor with two measuring ranges

 Model:              FTTY/FTTZ

Capacity:              20NM~4kNM

Material:               Stainless steel

Torque direction:     CW&CCW

Rated output:        1.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:   0.05% F.S.

Excitation:              3~15V

Other:                   Customizable



Dual range torque sensor FTTY/FTTZ is specially designed for applications where wide range torque measurement is involved while measuring accuracy cannot be compromised.Two torque measuring channels can work at the same time,when the measured torque is within the capacity of the low range channel,torque signal can be acquired from the low range changel,when the applied torque is higher than the capacity of the low channel,signal acquistion can be done from the high range channel.Mechanical protection is applied for the low range channel so that it will not over deform when the applied torque goes higher than the capacity of the low range channel.

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