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Contactless torque sensor measuring motor torque

   Model:              FYH

Capacity:              1NM~3000NM

Material:               Alloy steel

Torque direction:     CW&CCW

Rated output:        5kHz~15kHz

Non-repeatability:   0.2% F.S.

Excitation:            ±12V DC

Other:                   Customizable


Rotary torque sensor FYH is designed with pedestal mount,shaft to shaft configuration.No contact between rotor and stator due to rotary transformer system is used,which makes FYH much more durable compared to slip-ring type torque transducer.Up to 18000RPM rotating speed is achievable thanks to the contactless structure. FYH is integrated with encoder for speed measurement, both torque channel and speed channel outputs frequency signal@5V TTL square wave signal, analog output -5~5V,0-5V,4-20mA can be achieved through signal conditioner.FYH can measure torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction,wide range from 1NM to 3000NM makes it suitable for a wide variety of torque measurements and motor tests.

Tailor-made service based on contactless rotary torque transformer technology is available to meet requirements of different applications.

measure torque of a motor

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