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Yarn tension sensor|Rope tension transducer

Model:                 FZAD

Capacity:              0~500N

Material:               Stainless steel

Load direction:     Compression/tension

Rated output:        0-5V/4-20mA

Non-repeatability:   0.2% F.S.

Excitation:              3~15V

Other:                   Customizable


web tension sensor

cable tension sensor

Tension measurement sensor FZAD is a single roll tension transducer designed to measure the running line tensions of yarn,optic fibers,wires,webs,ropes,cables,tapes and other similar process materials which requires consistent tension to be maintained during production in order to deliver repeatable quality results.On-line tension sensor FZAD can be used to measure the dynamical tension in a moving yarn/cables and give feedback to the control unit of the tension force for further control & adjustment.Model FZAD offers 0-10N / 0-20N / 0-50N / 0-100N / 0-200N / 0-300N / 0-500N seven measuring ranges and different types of outputs(mV/V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA) to choose from,custom made service is also available at Forsentek for other measuring ranges and structures.

tension sensor

tension force sensor

yarn tension sensor

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