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Dynamic torque sensor|Measure torque 0-5Nm

Model:                        FY02

Type:                         Rotary torque meter

Structure:                   Shaft style

Load direction:           Clockwise&CCW

Rated output:              1.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.1% of R.O.

Usage:                       Measure rotating torque

Torque range:              0~5Nm


Dynamic torque sensor FY02 is a slip-ring type torque transducer intended for rotating torque measurement in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction,slip rings are used to conduct the millivolt signal from the wheatstone bridge bonded on the sensing shaft which rotates together with motor shaft and gets the torque measured with maximum 0.2% non-linearity of the full capacity. Dynamic torque transducer FY02 offers 0.1NM / 0.2NM / 0.5NM / 1NM / 2NM / 3NM / 5NM seven different measuring ranges to choose from. Keyed shafts located on both ends of the sensor can be connected to motor shaft and load shaft through couplings. Rotating speed of model FY02 can go up to 4000RPM, signal conditioner and display unit is also available at Forsentek. Typical applications for this type of torque transducer are for example servo motor torque measurement, torque control for blenders, test bench applications, screw driver calibration, twist measurement, actuator test,etc..

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